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once a money site is complete and pbn is fully set up... what is the exact steps to linking a PBN to $ site.

i know you can make 1 article on pbn and have 3 links on that article that go to dif pages of $ site...

but i also hear your suppose to wait 3 weeks after $ site is made to start pbn process..

i also heard you are suppose to only link 1 pbn link every 5-7 days to $ site...

if thats the case how is that possible to make 1 article with 3 links to $ site but you are suppose to wait a week per PBN link?

also should i make a couple articles with no outbound links on pbn network first before i make an article linking?

should i make a silo? or just blog?

is there a pattern? make 3 articles about a topic, and have 1 article only with outbound links to $ site

or every article i post on pbn can have links to $ site?

should i have outbound links to authority related sites on $ site? if so how many?

i should inner link articles on pbn as well? yes?

anything i missing? thank you
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    There is no reason to wait before creating links.

    I would not put 3 links in every article. That is a horrible idea. It just screams network.

    As for the creating articles with no links, creating some that link out to other sites, etc... Do what real websites do.

    With very rare exception, I would not link to the same money site in more than one article from a network site.
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