Does Google Rank Differently From Different Locations and Devices?

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I am running a (.ie) website in Ireland and when I search certain keywords from my home computer my business comes up on the first page. However I tried searching from another computer and I came up on page four.

Is Google just serving me the info it thinks I want and my real page ranking is the fourth page?

If you know anything about this please let me know.

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    Originally Posted by RikiTTotal View Post

    Is Google just serving me the info it thinks I want and my real page ranking is the fourth page?
    Yes, Google serves personalized search results. If you want to get rid of those fire up an incognito browser window.

    Your domain also affects the targeting of your site, so it's likely not that high if the user is not in Ireland.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Jut so you know, when running Chrome personalized SERPs carries over to an Incognito browser If you have a regular browser window open first.

    Obviously clear history/cache.
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    The real position of your Website is on the 4th page.But it's showing on first page because of your browser using history I think.If your clear your browser and search again it'll appear 4th page on your computer too.
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    Yes I totally agree. I'm from the Philippines, and when I search for my desired keyword on, I was on the first page of Google. However, when I tried doing the same on, the ranking is different. I already experience this on my laptop, iPad and Android phone. Just sharing my personal experience in this kind of situation.
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