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Thank you guys for your replies...

Can google automatically detect the copyright of say an article I am going to use in my website, or its up to the owner to do something in this regard?

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    Hello there wizard12!

    I understand your concern. So it means you feel right now that you have infringed someone's content, is that what you mean? What did you do recently before you open this thread? In my own opinion, I think Google's role is to penalize websites or blogs with duplicate content. For me, it is the owner himself or herself will discover and may pursue legal action.

    Let me hear back from you then. Cheers!
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    Thank you mate...

    I just copied and pasted several lines of a big content in my website which I think is a copyright content...

    The question is, does google automatically detects so? Is there any place so that th copyright content owners add their context there so that google compare their sources for that content and do something against it, or it is all on the copyright owner to directly claims against a website which uses part of his/her content?

    Thank you.
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    If you are using someone else's content, give them credit for it. Say things like "so and so over at zyx.com says this." There's nothing wrong with getting information from other sources. That's how most non-fiction books are made anyways.

    Give credit where credit is due. In college if you didn't, you'd would fail the class (at best), in the real world you could get sued.
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