Link Building on PBNs vs Web2.0's - Is it Different?

by RAV101
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I'm about to start on the road of my first 'manual' link building campaign...and I cant seem to figure out this nagging question in my head so please help if you can answer it?

The situation and plan is to rank the home and many inner pages of my money site, targeting 1x primary keyword per page.

What I know on PBN Sites...

I've learn't from the Gurus NOT to link to the same domain/home or inner page more than once or one time only, hence the need for a network - I believe the reason is to not stir up too much scrutiny from Google, appear natural etc (not to mention hiding/concealing all the details/footprints of the PBNs so Google thinks this is just another separate site naturally linking to mine)

And my questions on Web 2.0s...

When creating accounts on web 2.0's adding content and building contextual links...My questions are:

1- Do I also create separate fictitious ownership account details for each Web 2.0 site on the same platform i.e - and or - across many different platforms e.g. Weebly, Livejournal, Wordpress ?

2- Does the same PBN linking rule of just 1 link out to the same domain home or inner page apply to web 2.0s?

My question explained differently is - Do I need 10 separate/fictitious accounts to create contextual back-links to the 1 money site/page - or - do I just get the 1 account and create 10 posts on it pointing links to 10 separate pages on my money site???

Its doing my head in so i hope I explained this clearly - many thanks for your responses

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    1. Create a fresh ID for each site and account on each site. That way you won't leave a footprint.

    2. Create one Web 2.0, make it look good with good content, and link out ONCE to your money site. You should have several pages of content, but only link out ONCE on ONE of those pages.

    So the rules should be , one link to your site per account/site created but create multiple pages for site so it looks more natural.

    Don't ever interlink between the sites you make.
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    Also be aware that a network consisting of just web 2.0s has very little power. You'll have just new, free sites with no backlink profile. You'll need to either backlink the new 2.0 sites, or better pick up some "real" domains that have a backlink profile.
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    Thanks Jaz and Dan,

    I didn't realize that Tier 1 web 2.0 sites had to be so thick with content or only link out from 1 web 2.0 to 1 money site (but at least i can use this same web 2.0 to link out friends/client sites. Otherwise it sounds similar to PBN structure. Think I will more from actually any case I will still visualize or mind-map the tiered link approach i'm thinking and then seek some further clarification, tomorrow if your around..cheers
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    The other thing to remember before you go through the effort of building up a bunch of 2.0 sites is that you do not own them. You could lose them at any minute. The 2.0 site could also decide to make all their links nofollow like a few have them have done.

    If anything, I would use your own domain on a 2.0 site. For example, you can buy a domain and have it hosted at Tumblr. That way if Tumblr decides to make their site nofollow some day, you could take your domain and move it to your own hosting or to another 2.0 site.
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    A small bit of input here: not sure I'd go this route in 2015.

    Internal linking works better than most people around here give it credit for and the Web 2.0 folks don't seem shy about deleting properties any longer.

    If you're doing it for sure though-better to learn on Web 2.0's which are free rather than on a PBN, that might cost a few hundred bucks to set up.

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