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I need to do some routine google searches for some marketing analysis. How many searches is a single ip allowed per day without being flagged as a bot. And are there any free proxies that can be used without the annoying capchkas or tons of popup ads?

And are there any proxy services that work that allow the selection of specific locations?
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    We have no way to know this unless Google tells us, and they've got no reason to do so. It seems that couple of tools have a "cooling off" period of around 15 mins. Probably the time period they monitor is much shorter than you think.

    Someone is probably using the free proxies for the same stuff so they wont work well. Google has moved to ban repetitive requests, and right now only private proxies seem to work well for me. And even they're not that effective.

    In my usage the proxy location hasn't really been that relevant as long as the tool asks for the right data. That's great because proxies are expensive or non-existent in these parts of the world.
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    Thank you. I agree that if the query is specific enough the information seems reliable. I'm not trying to measure ranking anyway, just looking for potential customers. The exact order/placement is largely irrelevant to me in this case.

    I just don't want Google to penalize my website for anything I might to do as a webmaster while trying to collect data about who to market to.

    So far I have encountered no problems. I AM logged on under my webmaster account though so my activity is clearly visible and connected to my google webmaster accounts.

    PS: I tried to google an answer from google themselves and came up empty. Everything seemed aimed at people trying to track their own rankings. That's not what I'm doing here...
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    Google has strict points of confinement for how you can get to their hunt, in light of current circumstances. On the off chance that you need to consequently perform high volumes of hunts, you're going to need to pay them.
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      Thank you. What is considered high volume and where can I get more information on this?
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    i'm experience on that tell me your case probably i can help you regarding what are best solution for proxies and Google scraping too. thanks!
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    As already mentioned above, it's a soft block that will go away. How long that is depends. I've seen it take hours for captcha to go and IPs be back to "normal" again. The obvious solution is get as many IPs as you can afford. If you want to see how long it takes before an IP gets blocked, then get 50 keywords and run it through a single IP. Count how many times you can do that before it is blocked. You'll probably get in the low hundreds before the threshold is hit.
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    I have not experienced any issues so far. My only other concern was that of the queries being tied to my webmaster accounts, and if as such, there could be any negative impact on my website rankings due to volume queries.
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