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by kemdev
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Hey Warriors,

I've been actively posting on and backlinking for my blog,
Fighting Traffic Tickets, for the past week or so. I've done
a few link wheels, optimized my blog with a few WP plugins,
bookmarked my home page and most internal pages on the
top bookmarking sites, and even invested in SENuke to
streamline the entire process.

I seem to be stuck on the third page of Google for my
keyword, however. It seems that no matter what I do in
terms of getting backlinks and posting relevant content,
my blog just can't seem to get past the third page.

And I know the competition isn't horribly tough. I mean,
I'm trying to get one the front page for a phrase search,
and the number one spot for my keyword has a PR of 3
with only 50 or so backlinks. With all the backlinking I've
done in the past week, I know I have to have more than

Can anyone shed some light on what I may be doing wrong?

All the best,

Jesse Kemmerer
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    Give it time and don't build your links too quickly. You are accurate in your assessment of the number one page, but what you don't know is how long it took them to get there. Give it 3-6 weeks.
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    For some reason, my listing is actually going down...
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    It will naturally fluctuate, especially when you are first trying to push it. Peter is right, give it some time. If you are building it properly, and the keywords are not terribly competetive, you should continue to see your site rise. Even when it is rising, however, there will always be fluctuations. When these fluctuations happen, it can appear that your site is losing rankings, but it really is just a new site trying to find it's home in the rankings.

    Even sites that I have had for a long long time fluctuate in rankings. Some not as much as others, but it is a natural thing. Good luck!

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    Hey Jesse,

    How old is the domain you're using?
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    Brand, spankin' new.

    I most really not understand the way Google works. I just
    submitted an article to ArticleBase last night. Imagine my
    surprise this morning when I wake up and check my status,
    only to find that the article I submitted to ArticleBase -
    which, by the way, I submitted to higher PR directories - is
    in the number 1 spot for my keyword.

    Why is that?
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    This is called the google sandbox effect. You need to let your domain / site mature a bit. Focus on content and slowly building your links. In time things will normalize.
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