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So, Dave Kelly says that the MSN Loophole will work as well, if not better now that MSN has become Bing.

I have not found this to be the case, most of my Bing rankings for the one niche I was using the Loophole method with have dropped off pretty badly.

Just wondering what you other Loopholers are experiencing. I'm trying to decide if I should convert my blog network to a more Google friendly arrangement or stick with a MSN Loopholes format.

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    I've been researching this........ near as I can tell it's A LOT to do with domain age.
    1. Having an older domain age.
    2. Having inbound links from websites that included the primary keyword in the referring site's title tags- in other words, building inbound links from other SEOd sites and directories as opposed to being from just anywhere.
    black**** <--- I'll update as my next round of research is done. You'll have to remove the *'s to visit the page.
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    Very interesting, I will keep an eye on this post, as I am very curious about BING rankings.

    Did not realize they were so heavy on domain age and title tags. This explains a lot.
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    I also didn't realize that they put so much weight on title tags and age. The age thing probably explains why my sites are doing so badly in Bing compared with google.
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    Am I missing something??? what's this loophole???
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      Hey ChrisBa

      The "MSN Loophole" was an information product that Chris Rempel and Dave Kelly were selling about 6 months ago. The concept was to use the outdated nature of MSN's search engine to gain rankings quickly in MSN.

      It caused quite a stir here on the forum - it had many detractors - and some supporters. I had some luck with it - but can't make an informed decision either way since I moved on to some other stuff before giving it a fair try.
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    well, actually , i have been paid attention to BING for a long time
    and personally , i do think Bing's results a notable improvement over Live
    so i think it is promising
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