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Hey all,

I'm really busy and just do not have the time to go through every keyword I want to research manually and wanted to use a software as I figure outsourcing this might be fairly expensive and time consuming.

Ideally I want the ability to do a "quick and dirty" analysis with the ability to go deeper if something intrigues me. Looking for a lot of low hanging fruit for a new site I want to work on so it's important there is some kind of bulk keyword analysis option.

If possible, I prefer a tool that is cloud-based so can use it on any computer, but if it's not, hopefully it can be Mac compatible.

The man feature I'm looking for is a good easy-to-use competition analysis tool that is fast and can go through potentially hundreds to thousands of keywords fairly smoothly and give me a good organized list of easy, moderate to hard keywords to rank with the option to dig deeper on those keywords if I wanted.

I did try one service that thought was the perfect solution, but alas I am disenchanted with it straight away and just isn't working out well.

Any advice would be much appreciated
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