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Google analytics gives a potential and overall data about our visitors. Where they coming from or what are are their location. What queries they are using to come on our page. Which page they visited or exited. How much time they spent on our website. What action they took on our website. Did they read something on our website, or purchased something, social midia share or palyed a video anything. What is the bounce rate on our website etc etc. all these information is very essential for us to run our website properly and achieve business goals.

Google analytics gives us the details of all keywords, people are using to come to our website. In shorts it gives the keywords report which drives traffic to our website. In close to keywords referrals are also important, which plays major roles in driving traffic to our website. Referrals represent visits to your website from other websites that link directly to yours. You can use referral and keyword data to improve your site's search engine rankings

Even you can see which browser and device people use to open your website. It is shown in the audience section. If people are using smartphones and tablets more to open your website then it is time to optimize your site for mobile to better serve them.
Google analytics also gives us report about when people came to our site, what was the last page they watched and exited. It is shown by exit page feature of Google. So if our main homepage url is the top exit page then it is indication that we need to redesign our website and put good engaging content on it.

It is very obvious that you might have to share the Google analytics data or report with people who have interest with it. Like your clients, colleagues and stakeholders. For that purpose there is email a report feature simply look like a email button just above the Google Analytics chart. You can choose your contacts from here u want to send email, file format and you can also allocate how often to send the information (once, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) and pick which days of the week to send reports.
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    Google Analytics is one of the top, most powerful tools out there for monitoring and analyzing traffic on your website.

    Understanding the gathered information can help guide what’s most important on your site to fit the customer or client needs and maximize your site to its fullest extent.
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    Google Analytics is the one of the best tool for traffic analysis. main thing it is free.But now a days it is tracking several spam referral traffics.That is a huge problem and day by day we need to filter those spam traffic.
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    Nothing is better than Google Analytics, it also shows us organic, social media, referral and other types of traffic. This thing helps us to make more good strategies about how to get traffic from search engines.
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