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Hey guys,

I was looking through some websites using Semrush and I noticed something that made me really curious. I noticed that a website I was analysing was ranked for THOUSANDS of keywords in the top 20 of search. I mean how is that possible, they definitely didn't optimize thousands of pages and build backlinks to them, or did they? I mean the website was ranked for over 5000 keywords in the top 20, a few hundred in the top 20 is already great... so how?
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    The keywords are not that distinct, are they? I bet most of them are closely related. If you start counting every variation of every long-tail you can think of, I bet many long-running sites rank for obscene amount of useless "keywords".
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    They are probably keyphrases which are closely related, or long tail. Yes, people do create websites and then make literally thousands of pages targeting long tail keyphrases and stuff. If this is an older website that could be what's going on.
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    The keywords do not even have to be closely related to pull that off. There is no magic behind it.

    Look at Wikipedia and Amazon. They likely rank in the top 5 for millions of keywords that have nothing to do with one another.
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    More keywords more traffics. But the best keywords to use is the sentence type keyword, because common keywords are used by other SEO company which can create a traffic on them.
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    this occurrence happens all the time

    Google has been ranking webpages top 10 without the keywords in the content anywhere

    the AI in their algorithm is making calls based on what it thinks your webpages are about and not about having the keywords in the content

    the more webpages you investigate the more you will see this happen all the time
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