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I am in the UK and was thinking of buying UK web hosting for my .com internet marketing blog.

Is the hosting location for a .com website a factor in search engine ranking.

I have heard website download speed is a SEO ranking factor. My main audience is in North America. Will hosting in the UK slow down download speeds sufficiently to impact ranking in the US?

At the end of the day does it really matter?

(In case you are wondering why I want UK hosting, its because I had some bad experiences with another UK hosting company in the past but luckily I was protected by UK consumer law so it was sorted very quickly.)
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    After recent Google Algorithm updates, the server location doesn't matter in SEO but yes, if you are targeting a particular country for promoting your website, then you should get hosting based in that country as load time is faster.
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    Don't worry about hosting affecting SEO, as of today there is no known evidence nor results showing that.

    The main benefit about getting a host server in the same country as your target audience as mentioned above is that your website will load faster in that country for the targeted audience.
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    As mention above host your web site in target country.That will not affect to your keyword rankings but that will be help your audience to browse your web site easily.
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    location of the server does not effect the SEO but since you have some targeted audience so if you prefer your host in that particular region then the load speed will be faster.
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    I wrote a content piece on it here: Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

    If your Hosting effected with these:
    Server Downtime
    Shared Hosting
    Server Location
    Page Load time
    then your site will effected with SEO.
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      This video above from google webmasters does state that location of a server does affect the ranking result of the country. However, the video is uploaded way back in 2009. Anyone have an idea if that is still the case today and if so, how significant is the geolocation of the server a factor in SEO.
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