How to see, from the UK?

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Whats the best way of seeing whats ranking on when based in the UK.
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    There is a software called CuteRank. Maybe you can download it for a free trial, it lets you track the ranks of keyword(s) for different versions of Google like Google USA, Google UK, Google Germany and so on.

    hope it helps.
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    Do you know anyone from the states that could create a US based Gmail account for you? If so then all you'd have to do is use a free VPN browser extension like ZenMate or something to access the Google Keyword Tool from a US server. That is a pretty simple solution, but maybe there is a more simple way that I am not aware of. I am from the states so I've never looked into this honestly.

    Edit* I believe I may have misinterpreted your question the first time. You simply just want to BROWSE to see what is ranking, correct? In that case, just install ZenMate and go to

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    Use ranker checker by installing SEO book site, then check all ranking in any geographical location.
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    You can use software as mentioned above, or if you're referring how to manually use '', just type into your browser and press enter (it should be redirected to automatically if you live in UK).

    Then what you do is to click on a <Use> button on the bottom right of the Google website.

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    There are several options.
    -You can type in browser
    -Use USA proxy
    -Use VPN like hostspot and select country as US
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