For New Website what is the Basic SEO need to be done ?

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Good Afternoon

I have developed a website and hosted it what are the basics SEO need to be done for the website and how to get it top on google for a particular keyword
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    Do some basic thing for search engine ranking create back link and for the back link use directory and bookmarking sites.
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    first you do search engine submission, ping your website and then create social media profiles on all the websites and then start create quality baclinks. you can do bookmarking, fourms, blog submission, guest blogging, press release, article submission, document submission, inforgraphic submission and directory submission.
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    *Create quality Backlinks
    *Active on social media
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    To do basic SEO, you must do directory submission,quality back linking,social bookmarking etc.
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    Basic SEO requirement for a new website requires the following things to be done:

    Submit your website in local directories
    Submit in Google, bing and other popular search engines
    Make your profiles in Social Networks popular in your country
    Start your blog on website or use third party blogs for content marketing
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    Originally Posted by Erbrains View Post

    I have developed a website and hosted it what are the basics SEO need to be done for the website and how to get it top on google for a particular keyword
    There's a serious disconnect between before and after the "and" in the middle of the sentence. If you're doing basic SEO to a website you will not get anything ranking high on Google - unless you've got no competition at all.

    I'd just make sure that the site is accessible by googlebot, the redirections are taken care off (when applicable), there's decent title and h1 tags all around, the settings of the SEO plugin (or CMS SEO settings) are reasonable, and the site has been submitted to Google.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    If you are expecting immediate search results from SEO, then it is not possible. SEO takes time to bring website up in search results. For starting promotion of the website, I would recommend you to invest in PPC where you can bring your website up before organic search results. This will be good according to branding point of view.

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    First do On-Page SEO. Try to add a good title & description. Choose your main keyword and write it with a H1 tag, but make it look natural. Also you could use some H2 & H3 tags (if necessary!). Don't forget to add often UNIQUE content!

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      Originally Posted by patco View Post

      First do On-Page SEO.
      Yes, and be careful not to make mistakes! Such as:

      1. Relying on rankings alone — things change too often!
      2. A lack of product reviews — allowing people to review on-site will help add relevant and unique content to your website
      3. Don't use duplicate content — Write your own content, whether it be blog posts or articles, or product headings and descriptions if your website is an online store.
      4. Lack of structure — If you have a great structure for your website, and some internal linking, it'll reduce your bounce rate and help your user experience, which ultimately helps your SEO
      5. Ignoring Google Analytics — Track what works and what doesn't as you go
      6. Lack of mobile friendliness — This is the perfect time to make sure your website is being built around a responsive design
      7. Spamming — Don't do it! Build backlinks doesn't mean spam your stuff everywhere. Only contribute links where they're directly relevant.

      There's more information on these points, plus a few more points for you here if you're interested in learning more: 11 SEO Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

      Hope this helps
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    Have you done On-Page Optimization already? If not, focus there first. Use H1, H2, H3, H4 properly, decent internal linking. A good optimization would let google track your website better. Then create backlinks from authority domains (highly credible and not spammy) and relevant sources to your industry to gain visibility and popularity.
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