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Hello Warriors!
Google keyword planner used to be one of the best tool in earlier days.But today it is not.I simply put up a keyword in GKP tool,and what I found was-for that particular keyword,the average monthly search was around 90k,and also the competition was LOW.

But I took the help of some premium tools like Traffic Travis and other tools to analyze the keyword diffuculty.For that particular keyword,it was very difficult to rank and outrank the rivals.(GKP wasn't wrong though but actually it shows the competition among the bidders )

What I need to says is-many newbies fall in this type of trap by thinking exactly two points - avg. monthly search is high and competition is low.In fact,I found many blogs writing the same thing over and again.
What's your thought?
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    The competition shown in GKP is actually refers to the number of advertisers for that keyword and has nothing to do with SEO competition. Yes, logically speaking, keywords with lots of search volumes will attract most competition since it will bring the most money. However, I do find some keywords with search volume between 5000 - 20000 but still the SEO competition is low. When I analyzed with SEO Quake, the some pages on top ten of G for those kws has no PR and zero backlinks.
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    I guess, to get the knowledge about the competition rate you need to check TOP 10/20/30 for that keyword. You can pay attention not only to the websites' rank, but also to number of main pages, page titles, snippets, etc. You can put in together in one formula and try to calculate. Than you can sort the keywords by the same criteria.

    What do you think?
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    My opinion is took high search value keyword with less competition . Because you can easily optimize suck keywords.

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    google keyword tool is the best tool for searching keywords to know competition of the keyword....
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    GKP competition level refers to expected Adwords competition.

    Generally speaking, a phrase with high Adwords competition and high search volume would translate to high SEO competition and vice versa. But there are exceptions, such as in the above case as mentioned by you (assuming whatever you said is accurate).
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