(Sitelinks make me crazy) Question for a pro.

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First of all, i am not new in this domain, doing seo for so long time. But this time there is one thing i can't solve, i'm desperately looking for somebody with bigger knowledge than me to give an advice.
On google.com , when i write ( yac ) my website ( Yet Another PC Cleaner | Lifetime Free PC Cleaner - YAC Official Website) is shown first but only with small sitelinks instead of the normal big one. I don't understand i am branded for this keyword and i have huge amount of visitor and the on page optimization is pretty good.

Thank you so much, looking forward for your help.
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    I'm not quite sure what you're asking. This is the first results from a Google search, and it clearly states that the sitelinks are automated.

    I don't see much of a reason why your site would need sitelinks.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    I know, i already read this article of course. But even it's automated my website is showing very small sitelinks( category) instead of the big one since now more than 2 years.
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    I am able to see the following sitelinks

    ‎YAC PC Cleaner - ‎Anti-Malware Premium - ‎Mobile - ‎PC Tech Tips

    What do you mean big one here?
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      As you can see those are not real EXPANDED sitelinks , but only small sitelinks with no text. I am trying since 2 years to have the enhanced sitelinks.
      Totally hopeless

      thanks a lot.
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    if somebody have any suggestion for my case and those enhanced sitelinks.
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    You're looking for Mega Sitelinks.

    Site structure itself is the number one factor for Mega Sitelinks.

    Think SEO Silo & think of each silo landing page as a directory (category folder) containing all the child pages below the parent page.

    In the example screenshot below I triggered Mega Sitelinks on a site that I personally knew has a silo structure.

    Here's the internal link structure:

    • tutorialspoint.com/android
      • tutorialspoint.com/android/android_pdf_version.htm
      • tutorialspoint.com/android/android_hello_world_example.htm
      • tutorialspoint.com/android/android_overview.htm
      • tutorialspoint.com/android/android_useful_resources.htm
      • tutorialspoint.com/android/android_environment_setup.htm
      • tutorialspoint.com/android/android_acitivities.htm

    The stronger an internal pages link profile (per each internal page) combined with site structure, the easier it is to get Mega Sitelinks.

    Tip: Keep URLs as tight & compact as possible.

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      Thank so much !

      just a little question what do you mean exactly by " The stronger an internal pages link profile (per each internal page) combined with site structure " , which link profile ?

      Thanks again! I am extremely grateful to you.
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        The funniest part when i search my website on google HK ,i have this beautiful sitelinks with search box !!.

        but not google.com or any other google just HONGKONG.
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