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First of all I am in app gaming business for 1 year and i learn a lot and i am still learning it

I have searched a lot, read blogs a lot and still i am not able to get apps download as i suppose to be.

Lets start from Google Play Store:

My Description is a sort of keywords right? anyone could tell me how to write must effective description so google store search algutihm detect many keywords as possible?

I tried some tools like sensortower, searchman etc i analysis best keywords that could be use in description and when i add them into description its not appear why? Any better or tricky way to do? PM me i could promote your app in my ingame if u help me.

Amazon appstore,
i am getting very bad experience in amazon, i tried everything, market research, keywords changing etc and I do not get many downloads.

How to get minimum 500+ downloads a day in both stores?

Help me
kindly share your experience, tips or tricks or even a good suggestion. A ANY THING that my apps gets downloads as much as possible.

my all apps are free.
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    Make it worth downloading, advertise, and give it away for free.

    You need downloads and ratings.

    Ditto amazon.

    Keywords don't matter, unless of course you are going for
    some inane thing that nobody searches for. Sure, if you
    got the only left hand socks for chairs app, you'll be #1.

    But nobody's buying or downloading.

    And since you want 500 downloads a day...well, you need 500
    interested parties.

    Give it away, get the downloads. Get the ratings. Then change the price.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      how could i know if people are searching same keyword or not in GS n Amazon?

      i already tried some review exchanges and advertised a bit, this thing work a bit but never stay-able.

      but never weird in amazon yet. you can say in a 1 year I have got only 100 maximum downloads thats actually only that times when i update binery.
      I need a solution for amazon appstore.
      ofcourse as I know, nobody give a fk without any benefit so here is your benefit

      Help me to get downloads in amazon and google (specially in Amazon)
      i will add your Affilate offer into Game "Main manu" and "game Over" screen.
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        YOU must make the market for your app.

        YOU must advertise all over the place.

        YOU must make it free at first.

        YOU must get solid ratings.

        Once it becomes popular, the rest is gravy.

        Now you change the price and tweak some other things.

        YOU have to spend money to make money.

        There's no "if you build it they will download."

        It takes hard work. Remember pictaboo?


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Need more promo and research hard about Amazon
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