Idiots Guide to Building Websites and SEO?

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I know nothing at all about coding or SEO. I can hardly build a website using templates. Thats how illiterate I am when it comes to this kind of stuff. I'm not dumb with computers, just never learned this at all so its foreign to me.

The type of website would be a website that posts videos, pictures, and stories on a daily basis. An entertainment website. Their might be a store on it eventually just not immediately. It will be updated daily with new content. It must look sharp and professional, and "trustworthy". It has to be very responsive to mobile users and mobile friendly. It also will have to be able to have users register to post/comment etc.

How long would it take for me to learn what I need to learn to be able to build and run a site like this? And how long would it take for someone to learn how to learn SEO(Not nessecarily master it)?

Im wondering if I am better off paying someone to build the website and then taking a basic course on HTML or something so that I'm able to update it myself. Then learn SEO on the side.

What would be your suggestion for this?.
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    If I was you, these days I will hire someone for this and focus on the business. Learning SEO from zero iz very time consumint cos it is based on a lot of tests. No one these days will put its business website on risk and test some methods. The problem is testing consuming a lot of time. Hire someone to build a PBN or rent PBN backlinks.
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    Just build your website on wordpress, it has a lot of handy tools for non-profesionals to help them develop their website and gain sucess in the market. However, you should ask advice about SEO in forums if you stuck somewhere. I love DYI principle myself, so keep on going man!
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    I agree with time4vps that you use wordpress. There are a lot of video tutorials on how to do it. That's how I learned making websites through wordpress and it's not difficult to learn. And updating/posting contents are also easy.
    But you have to choose a good Wordpress Theme that will have the features/looks that will mostly suit the needs for your website. Take your time and search for a good wpthemes here Website Templates | WordPress Themes | ThemeForest ... And also check the theme in mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet if there are any bugs or errors and how it looks. The are a lot of wp plugins as well for security,seo,sitemap, contact and many more features that you're going to need for you website.... Lastly, decide carefully on your domain name as it's kinda permanent.
    For SEO, you have to learn it even if you will hire someone/agency in the future. So that you can better decide on which people to hire or what services to choose, etc... You can start learning seo here, , Search Engine Land | Must Read News About SEO, SEM & Search Engines , SEO Training and Link Building Strategies ? Backlinko , BruceClay - Internet Marketing Optimization Company: SEO, PPC, SMM, Conversion, Design, Analytics Agency and google search. Best of luck
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