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Hi All,
Need help

I have my own website mywebsite.com for which I am doing On page and Off page SEO. However since it is a new site I am nowhere near the first 3 pages of Google.

Meanwhile I have made a profile of mine on a very popular trade website with a pagerank 6.
For example Tradesite.com/mybrand

And here I have added my products eg "Tradesite.com/mybrand/Myproduct1" , "Tradesite.com/mybrand/Myproduct2" etc

I have done basic on page optimisation on these pages whatever the site allows me to do.Like title,keywords,pics with alt tags etc

I noticed that when I type in the query related to my products, all these pages on the trade site are already on the 2nd and 3rd page in the results.

I would like to know if I build backlinks to these individual pages, will they be pushed up the rankings to the first page ?

Please share your opinions.
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