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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is widely known is essential for every website, be it an already existing one or a new one. If you are building a new website or if you are making changes to an already existing website, the smart thing to do is to incorporate SEO elements which the search engines look for.

To create a maximum SEO optimized website you should include the following search engine optimization elements in the architecture so that you are always visible on search engines. Though there are other forms of traffic such as traffic from ads, organic traffic is still the most preferred one.

Structured URL's
The URL of your website needs to be structured in such a way that is easy for both the visitors and the search engines. Do not use numbers or special characters in your URL, instead use the title of the page as the URL and if there are many words in the title, then use dashes in between words, do not use underscores etc.

Ease of Navigation
Search engines give points to ease of navigation. This means that moving from one page to another and back should not be hard. The navigation menu should be easily accessible, avoid menus that move up and down and irritate the viewers. Drop down menus should be properly structured and wherever necessary you can have sub menus too.

The significance of the Title Tag
The title tag is very important from an SEO stand point. Also when you search for a keyword and when your website pops up in the results, it is the title which is displayed, so make sure that the title has the keyword. It should also be catchy so that the viewer clicks on it.

The H1 to H6 Tags
The H1 to H6 tags are the headings or subheadings on the webpage. The main heading should have a H1 tag and this will ensure that it gets more prominence and it will tell the search engines that this page is about this topic. The H2 to H6 tags are used for sub-headings by their level of prominence. Do not overdo these tags, H1 tag followed by one or two H2 tags in the article and a couple of H3 tags are enough. Also do not overstuff your article and tags with the keywords you are targeting.

The Importance of the Alt Tag
Images play an integral part in the design and they also play an important part in SEO. The time taken for a page to load is also taken into consideration so the images need to be just 100 kb or under. And all images need to have alt tag as search engines give it a lot of weightage.

Plan Your Keywords
Google has a keyword planner which will help you with your website. You know what is best for your website, use your knowledge, spy on your competitor's website, see which keywords they are ranking for and then use those keywords in your website.Place keywords strategically in your website as this will help your website rank.

Include Sitemaps
Google loves sitemaps. So it is necessary to include sitemaps in your website. In fact, for search engine crawlers XML sitemaps are needed and for visitors who visit the website HTML sitemaps are required. With a HTML sitemap the visitors can navigate easily from one part of the website to another.

Include Social Media
The advent of social media has opened a lot of new avenues. Social signals are being given prominence nowadays. Sharing information about your website on social media and being mentioned in many places around the web helps SEO. You can build authority and become a credible source of information. Once you gain such authority you will start ranking well, hence include social media icons wherever necessary in your website.

If you use the above elements in your search engine optimization strategy, you will be able to rank well and your website will be maximum SEO optimized right from the start. There are SEO friendly website builders available nowadays which you can use also.
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    I actually do not think SEO is essential. You can have a really badly optimized site rank well, and you can get traffic from social media marketing that you do yourself. Ranking on Google is overrated.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Essential relates to strategy. It's very essential to winning the organic search war. It may be over-rated... but if you're in the top 3 for your keywords, you make non-overrated money.

      If you ranking in Google is overrated you mean it shouldn't be your only source of traffic, I totally agree...

      Originally Posted by dvduval View Post

      I actually do not think SEO is essential. You can have a really badly optimized site rank well, and you can get traffic from social media marketing that you do yourself. Ranking on Google is overrated.
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    I don't think SEO is overrated by any means. But I think this post only scratches the surface. There is so many variables it takes much studying on the subject to win in SEO. Its not as easy a, get a domain, build website, and optimize it for SEO and you will have your website rank well.
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    Thanks StexM.. for such a great info.. this will help many people to understand SEO and how to use SEO ...
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    You need to balance on and off page SEO - with the latest Google rules for ex. this can be different depending on your niche. I'd advise you look into the right 'mix' carefully depending on your budget and what you want to achieve, but finally it takes time
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