how to target keywords for seo

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How to target keywords for seo..?
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    First, you need to know what people are searching for. I would brainstorm a list of long tail keywords. Get lots of them, then use google keyword planner to determine the search volume.

    Beat the competition with better long tail keywords:

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    The keywords you optimize content for today need to be highly targeted, relevant, and deliver useful content to your audience based on their search intent.
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    Others have laid it out some research and pick 2-3 keyphrases to target on each page. Write a good title, meta description, plus lots of content on each page that highlights those keyphrases a couple of times. Then, go out and build incoming links to your pages and use those keyphrases as the anchor text in each of your links. Continue adding content - the more pages you have, the more keyphrases you can target!
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    => Create a list of keywords which best describe your service
    => Focus on long tail keywords, which are closely targeted for you
    => Check their monthly search volume and SEO competition
    You are done

    Note: Dont go with broad term, broad term may have lots of monthly search volume but they are not highly targeted. They also have high competition with less ROI.

    To check competition you can use any premium SEO tool like Moz, Long Tail Pro, ahrefs etc.
    You dont have customers, because you do nothing to get them
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    place your website link in Google keyword planner automatically you will get some keywords related to your website. Out of that you can choose the best keywords according to the competition and traffic.
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    • Use Primary keyword phrase at least once in the pages title.
    • Use H1 tag for higher ranking.
    • Use keyword phases in the content of the page which is very important for google ranking.
    • Use keyword in URL.
    • Images on a keyword-targeted page can help directly and indirectly with rankings.
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    Target your keywords according to your site's pages and this is to reach your audience according to their needs related to your site content page.
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    Use keyword in URL, Focus on long tail keywords, which are closely targeted for you, use keyword on blog and title.
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    Target low competition and high searches Long tail keywords for better ranking and also use LSI keywords.
    use your targeted keywords in title of the page at the beginning only, write all targeted keywords using h1 tag, A good URL has a few key aspects, but one of those is keyword use
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    Originally Posted by Keerti View Post

    How to target keywords for seo..?
    Contribution on form like and can be really helpful for you. Moreover, read blogs and updates in SEO by joining any update SEO blog can also be helpful for you. If you need services then I can recommend you some useful places with good professionals and reliable services.

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    1- Use your keyword you want to target in your website.
    2- Write your keyword inside your content as much as you can, but only when necessary.

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    There are a lot of tools which gives you a suitable keyword for your website. Your keywords should be long tail and your website's niche related keywords. Google keyword planner is the tool which gives you the complete analysis about a keyword and suggests you a best suitable keyword.
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    Guys there is one thing I am not totally sure about...

    In my experience .. putting the keyword in the URL and as the H1 is instant overoptimisation. With established sites its not a problem but with new ones.. I find this approach makes it almost impossible to rank that keyword
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    First, know what your target market wants? Know what is timely and relevant. Then use competitive keywords and provide your customers value-added contents. God bless!
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    Targeted keywords is more valuable for top Ranking in SEO according to webpage & it's depend on your website related content.

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    Use accurate keywords. Make your keywords suit your discussion. Choose words that you think are timely and searchable by many users.
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    You can use google keyword planner.. And doing keyword research.. Or using software like long tile keyword pro, or market samurai..
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