Changing the permalink after page is indexed

by BIBI15
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hello wolks,

i need to change permalink of one of my pages, to optimize it for specific keyword.
how do you think will it cause any problems, i have only two backlinks pointing to that page, and it is not even ranking on top 100 results....
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    It is not ranking, so who cares? There is nothing to lose.

    Change the URL. Point the links at the new URL. Move on.
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    changing the url is not a problem. Make sure old urls are successfully redirected to your new page. 301 is better. That will not create any hamper in your SERP.
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    pointing links to new URL - do you means backlinks or doing any reddirect?
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    i want to make simple changes linke this. #1


    no backlinks are pointing to that page at this moment.
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