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I have done seo on a site of mine in which I have acquired first page positions for two keywords. Both have exact search of 18,000 per month for Google USA/World. Both are position number 3 in the google.com search results.

YAH! .. but hold a sec...

In Google adsense reports it says I got only 400 page views and 4 clicks...

Shouldn't a keyword in the number 3 position which gets 18,000 searches a month be getting more than that?

All my work to get these keywords up the top of Googles page one and this is my reward? That kind of sucks. I am lucky if I get $2 per day from this site from adsense...

Something doesn't add up here. Can anybody shine some light on this for me? How do I get the CTR to increase?

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    It sounds like the issue here is that Adsense sucks. G still owes me money and I'm not putting that garbage on my site to get a payment to trigger. I would dump the adsense, replace it with an opt-in box, and learn the basics of email marketing. Or don't and just spam them with biz-ops and payday loans, either way, I'm sure it will make more money then the adsense unit.
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      yes probably right, which one do you suggest?
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    I'm not too familiar with pageview/click tracking in Adsense but is it possible some views are not being reported due to visitors' browser preferences? "Do Not Track" etc.
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    when I work it out... 18000 searches divided by 30 days (a month) is 600 searches a day, so 400 visitors a day is pretty good. It is the CTR of the ads being clicked which is not good at 1%.
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    The number of hits drastically drops after the first result, so I don't see why the numbers could not be true.

    Do you have any real visitor tracker installed? Analytics or some other 3rd party tool would give you more accurate info. If not, you can probably dig stats from your server. Most hosting accounts have at least one of the log stats analyzers installed.

    1% CTR is about the average. Not good, not bad.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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