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Hi everybody,

I know nobody knows Google's ranking algorithym thoroughly. But there are people who know it better than me. When I type in "overcoming panic attacks" in, I don't understand the reasons why website, ranking #2 (Overcoming Panic Attacks) ranks before #3 (Overcoming Panic Attacks).

# 3 has better page rank, better alex ranka, more backlinks, and the domainname is odler. Can anyone enlighten me on this matter?


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    keywords in domain name gives an unfair advantage
    have yo checked the quality of the backlinks? 1 backlink from a PR7 related website is way better than 1000 PR0 backlinks from unrelated websites

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    For me when I look at it in the SERPS my results are reversed. What you have listed as three actually ranks as two.

    When trying to analyze your competition consider all the factors, both on page and off page. For off page factors consider number of links to that page, anchor text of those links, and the page rank of the pages you are competing against.

    I like the SEO Quake Plugin for Firefox, gives lots of good info.
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      @ tips for

      wow that's real strange. I double checked the rankings and it seems that you see a different ranking than I do. I still see Overcoming Panic Attacks as #2 for the search query "overcoming panic attacks".
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    since the keyphrase "overcoming panic attacks" is not that competitive, you can either outrank other sites' ranking either by adding more content using those keyphrases on every pages or getting more backlinks from other sites. Looking at how overcomingpanicattacks dot net did it, it has tightly themed pages which Google love plus the occurrence of the keywords on each of the pages definitely outranks the other site.

    how often keywords are mentioned on the pages ranking in google for both sites

    keywords / / other site

    overcoming panic attacks / 3 / 0
    overcoming / 4 / 0
    panic / 24 / 8
    attacks / 21 / 0

    Inbound links or same site links for both sites

    keywords / / other site

    overcoming panic attacks / 2 / 0
    overcoming / 3 / 0
    panic / 21 / 0
    attacks / 19 / 0
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