Google Adwords As A Branding Exercise

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I have separated my "Search Only" and "Content Only" campaigns. and, I bid "much" lower on my "Content Only" campaigns (which have my company name in the title) reletive to my "search only" campaigns.

If I bid lower on 'Content Only' it is a pretty good deal. I get massive impressions at a very reasonable price. I don't get many clicks but it's ok because my main purpose is branding of my website by getting massive impressions.

And, to get branding of my website - it's really a good idea to make my company name or website visible in the first line of the ad or a catchy description which includes the name I wish to make brand.

What are your opinions guys?
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    I think your idea of using Content Targeting for branding purposes is good. By paying lesser for massive impression, I believe it will really create more exposure for your company name.

    However, you should also try to use Content Targeting for conversion. A branding campaign without a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is hard to track whether it is a successful branding campaign or not. If not, you may be burning unnecessary money on it.
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      yeah, I;ve been doing this as well.

      I get so very little value from google adwords these days that this is now the only real reason I use it.

      Seems like I pay more these days, for less....
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