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Hi guys,

I've obviously already googled this but, as everyone does, I want the best.

So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion for the best wordpress theme (preferably free) that is optimized for the best adsense CTR and SEO results?

Thank you very much in advance.

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    There probably is no best. Most adsense optimized wp themes I've seen still suffer from the number one problem all wordpress themes face with regard to adsense and that problem is that there are WAY to many OTHER places for them to click besides the adsense ads.

    Three column sites give the visitor too much to look at and get distracted by. For me two columns perform much better.

    You should have minimal real links to suck them into your site.

    Then there are some wp themes such as bluesense which have so many ad blocks they violate G's terms. I generally avoid WP if I'm making an MFA because mine are like George Foreman's grill. Set it and forget it. I don't want to go back to apply the steady stream of patches no matter how easy it is. It isn't easy if you have 200 domains. And after you have 200 unpatched domains, they'll get hacked, the adsense publisher id will probably have changed and you'll be linking to the 3p's, porn, pills and poker and get your adsense account smart priced and your pages dropped form the index. Other than that I think WP is the cats meow.

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      Then there are some wp themes such as bluesense which have so many ad blocks they violate G's terms.
      WareTime, if you're going to offer advice, know what you're talking about.

      BlueSense DOES NOT "have so many ad blocks they violate G's terms". Plain and simple.

      You are allowed 3 Ad Units + 1 Ad Link + 2 Search boxes.

      = = = = COMPLETE, CUSTOM ADSENSE SITE = = = =
      VERY Limited WSO. 100% Guaranteed.

      MY Expertise, YOUR Profit.
      Read the thread.
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        I am displaying Adsense Ads on my site using the BlueSense Theme. This theme was recommended in the WARRIOR FORUM as a very good SEO Optimized Adsense Theme. But when i use this theme, my ads appear as normal, but no earning or traffic stats is being recorded in my Adsense account, even though i had already added these URL into my adsense account. The traffic stats do show on Google Analytics. Please what can i do, can you check the sites for me for any possible problem. My sites are and
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    The best one I have found is called Heatmap. Do a Search on it within Wordpress and you'll find it or on Google. I just started using it and I love it. Stuart is the designer and is very helpful.
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