Is the IMT Website Submitter Worth Using?

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I came across some articles that reference the use of the IMT Website Submitter a free online service which creates pages on tons of type sites containing links to your website.

I know that this tool is probably good for getting your posts indexed, but on new blogs I generally have no problem getting posts indexed; getting them on page one or even page 4 of Google or Bing is a different story.

So if indexing is not a problem is it still worth using?
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    Hi TrafficFlow,

    The short answer is "no".

    Search engines like Google are very good at finding and indexing content, especially on blogs like WordPress that have XML-RPC ping service built-in. Once indexed, there is no need to submit your new web pages to the search engines, they don't forget your pages exist, they will continue to crawl your website as long as it has unique and useful content that might be valuable to users.
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    Hello, it's an older product that exposes you to a thousand metrics, monitoring, and 'advice' capable websites. Run it on a blogger site if you're worried about the usage, and study the data.

    In a lot of cases, the links are duds or dead! In other cases, they offer you exposure to diverse communities.

    I made a little tutorial about it, no affiliate marketing, just my off-site blog that I share SEO stuff on.

    Because I don't want to just make an account - just to link to blogger, I went ahead and took the time to make a youtube video cover the usage on an Ipad and a computer.

    I think it's an impressive means of finding smart websites that teach you more about your URL, and offers more insights than most 'SEO Authority figures' will ever care to mention.

    Hope this offers more insights than the usual, 'google is there and sees it and No' --- so instead I took the time to research it over the past two days, and I believe it's a smart method if you're capable of maintaining the disavowing of links if you are concerned of their 'negative impact'...

    After peeling off 500 <10 rated links to my domain, I lost ranking on nearly every major page. So, if this builds 1000, which it dies at 1000, then you are running into 1000 potentially <10 or greater. I will analyze them in more depth in my blog which I linked above and I will expose below.

    I've worked with client solutions for a long time, and I hope the analysis of this offers the forum some closure on the IMT Website Submitter 'tool.'

    If you don't want to deal with running the tool, and sorting through the content, you can use my blog post on blogger to analyze the LINKS.

    Admin of warrior forum - I hope you don't mind I put that on a different website because I'm sure these links could have a decent amount of spam - and I don't want to hurt your 'high authority' website. Thanks!

    Excited to join the conversations a bit more, been studying the forums for a year now.
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