3 Smart Offline Link Building Tricks for you

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This is a short post to brief offline link building. This is a great tool all big enterprises focus on. Though their main concern is not getting backlinks, but it still helps them to get lots of backlinks from different sources. Here is how.

1. By Organizing Local Events:

By organizing local events you can get lots of backlinks from various local and global newspapers. Not only that, if you can inform niche bloggers about the event you can get backlinks from them too.

By inviting one or two industry leaders, you can double or triple your backlinks number.

2. By sponsoring an Event:

If you don’t have enough money to organize an event, don’t worry. You can be a sponsor. It can still drive lots of backlinks. Your money will be worthy to get online and offline return if you know which event to sponsor and which one not to.

3. Take part in different events:

If you can’t organize or sponsor an event, you can still take advantage from any event, especially when it is local. Just participate in that. Make sure you are taking enough business cards with you. Try to create a connection with others and collect their contact information for future follow-up. Take a picture too. Then create a post about the event, tag people you met in that event, write something positive and valuable. Mostly they will write about you, or share your post on their social network. If you can catch the eye of the event organizer, then you can get the same feedback from them.

Offline link building is as important as online link building. And while its strategy is completely different it really tweaks up thing for the best. So don’t hesitate to try it when you’ve got the chance.
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