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Guys I am really not liking that google hides the keywords that people find us with. Is there a way around this? I want to invest into SEO related to the keywords that convert into sales, problem is google does not provide me with them ! I almost feel like they don't want to do it so we still have to rely on their adwords campaigns. This is ludicrous! Help me figure out what keywords are converting please.
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    Use Google Search Console (rather than Google Analytics) for keyword tracking and their performance. Alternatively, sign up for Moz Pro or similar paid tracking services.
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      No 3rd party anything is going to tell you what
      google won't.

      It is up to you to determine that, with a little
      bit of logic and checking your website stats.

      If you don't have cpanel, you need some other
      way to determine what pages google is
      sending traffic to. After that, you can make
      logical assumptions on what brought them there.
      Provided that you have a clear understanding
      (and page setup) as to what keywords are
      targeted from each page.

      And then, it is only an assumption, but a
      very good guess.

      The title of the page and perhaps h1 is
      a good indicator, for those who do it

      If not, then you will never really know.

      Once knowing what pages are getting
      some traffic from google, try and make
      them appear for you in SERPS, trial
      and error.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Within analytics go to "landing pages" instead of "keyword" when filtering by organic traffic. You will see the landing pages and then can make logical guesses based on the content of those pages
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    Of course we can assume the not provided keywords by using Search Console as these people (Tomek, Paulgl, svssets10 and alinajack) said but why google displaying like this even they showing a single search volume and very long tail keywords on Search console ?.

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    I would suggest to use Google Web master where you can find from which keywords you are getting organic click and Google didn't hide all the keywords.. sometime they show few keywords when you filter your traffic by keywords.
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