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I have a wordpress website hosted with hostgator.

it is currently mywebsite.com and sometimes I share the address as www.mywebsite.com

In the settings I can add the www to the domain so that it is the default address.

I'm wondering if this has any bearing on my google rankings i.e) does google see mywebsite.com and being different than www.mywebsite.com

I would appreciate the proper term to search for to read more about this and any possible consequences.

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    It does not matter!
    Your website is mywebsite dot com! www is a default subdomain that stand for world wide web that serve as an alias for your main domain.

    However, you have to choose to display your website on www or on the domain itself. If you don't set preferences, it results in two different websites with duplicated content and hurt your ranking.

    Make your choice on www or non www. Personally, I use non www. But redirect the one you do not choose to the one you choose.

    By example, if you choose mywebsite dotcom, the user should land on mywebsite dot com whatever he entered www dot mywebsite dot com or not
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      thank you for the answer.

      this is an article to explain how to do what I was asking about: https://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

      I have to find out how to redirect the non www to the www as I prefer that if it does not make a difference.
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        If you want to do the redirection, you can set your 301 at the cpanel to permanently redirecting you non www domain to www domain or vice versa
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          Originally Posted by taufinrusli View Post

          If you want to do the redirection, you can set your 301 at the cpanel to permanently redirecting you non www domain to www domain or vice versa

          Do it thorough the Wordpress Settings, NOT cpanel.
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    It does not matter, as long as you do the proper Canonicalization.

    If you don't know what this is, you can read this article;

    You just need to make a decision and chose which url address you want to use - 'www.yoursite.com' or 'yoursite.com'.

    Once you set this up, you need to help the search engines decide which version they should give priority to. You need to do this in order to prevent duplicated indexed pages.

    Just go read the article I recommend above, and you will see what Im talking about here!
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    as my experience in SEO period, i find out it doesn't matter with www or non-www in SEO. But the website with www looks more professional
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