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What is reciprocal link and where i can get it...?Is i submit a reciprocal link with my site is it good for seo.
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    Usually its when you link to someone and they link to you.

    Its best to be avoided unless there is a really good reason. It could look spammy to Google. And the way you sound like your attempting to use it for would likely be viewed as Spammy or manipulative by Google as well.

    Don't try to cheat the system. Work on making a good web page.
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    Reciprocal link is an agreement between two webmasters to provide a hyperlink within their own website to each other's web site. Generally this is done to provide readers with quick access to related sites, or to show a partnership between two sites. Reciprocal links can also help to increase traffic to your web site in two ways
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      Reciprocal links has it's pros and cons. Personally though, I try to avoid this as much as I can. During my well immersed link building days, I get a lot of reciprocal link request. I would probably say 99% of those were rejected. I'm not saying it's bad for you, but it has more disadvantages than advantages.
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    When i Do Directory Submission it required Reciprocal link for accept the Url on directory Submission Sites.??
    What can i Do in this situation??
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    Reciprocal links are pretty bad strategy. It was viable back in the day but it is no longer so. You should avoid any type of "link exchange" if possible. Don't get me wrong. It is not bad to link to someone. And if after some time, this someone links back to you, so be it. But do not make it your regular practice because Google is too smart for that and he will notice patterns. Build links normally, through promotion, instead of gray or blackht SEO.
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    Reciprocal link is basically exchanging of links between each other
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    Link farms and link scheme sites as well as artificial reciprocal linking is becoming obvious as you gain experience being in SEO. My advice is: be natural. That’s all. I learned a lot from observing natural linking patterns, blogs linking to each other etc.
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