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I've got one problem. I've researched and now I've got about 250 potential good keywords, but I'm not sure about keyword competition.

If I'm doing that with Market Samurai with each keyword clicking on SEO competition and analyzing each keyword it takes allot of time.

When I go to semrush, there are no data for keywords. I don't know why but they are long tail keywords with few searches from 10 - 3000 searches / month.

So what would be the fastest way to find out keyword competition for 250 keywords?
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    If you are searching keyword manually on google, you will get some competitive websites. Then you will collect competitive websites and research it
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    I prefer Ahref tool. It's free to try. Forget Market Samurai. It is obsolete already.
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    Alexa also gives you the chance to see keyword queries that bring a high percent of traffic to a particular URL. Just go to the Site Info tab and enter your competitor’s URL.
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    Ok everyone, I picked for 1 free month.

    Now I need help. I went to Keyword Difficulty - what should be maximum difficulty score on so it's still possible to get on page one? *I'm doing niche site.
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    Please use Google Adwords: Keyword Planner & Solve your Problem.

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    Did you tried Long Tail Pro keyword tool, I know that few of the industry experts recommend it for keywords analysis. You can try it as well.
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    So many tools is there mainly you can search it on keyword planner,
    most of the people using this tool only.
    Steel industry is one of the leading B2B portal,is procurement platform of to expand their business globally, to grew out of the need for stronger and more easily produced metals.
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    To do correct keyword competition analysis you will need to check each domains p/a and d/a using seomoz. Long tail pro will really help you do this process quite fast. But for a general idea on what you need to look out for metrics read my thread for more info.
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    Keyword tools suck at judging competition.

    I hate most of Moz's tools, but the one thing they kind of get right is their keyword tool which attempts to judge difficulty. It is the only one that attempts to incorporate the quality of internal and external links into the equation. None of the other tools factor in link quality, which just so happens to be the #1 ranking factor out there. It's kind of stupid that tools try to rank keyword difficulty without this very basic information.

    The downside of Moz's tool is that it is based on their link database which is quite lacking most of the time.
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  • You should use google keyword planner and also search manually by keywords to get details about compositors site activities.After this you know what is more helpful for you.
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    The intention is to filter out and to reduce the manual work. Personally I do all keyword resurch manually and do not depend on other applications . You do need to check what sites are being ranked in first page of Google an check the quality of those sites agains the link quality it's reciving
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    I have used Ahref tool which I think is a good one to use.
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