Google's Take On Multi-Sites w/Same Phone?

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I have a multi-service business. It does 3 semi-related services. 2 are very common to each other. I have 2 domains that are very suitable for their industry. However, each service would be in different areas of the yellow pages and separate keywords at the serps. I was thinking of combining 2 of them at one site and the other a stand alone site.

If need be I could provide a different address and phone number for each site.(more $ for 2nd #) 2nd address involves leasing parking space(mail too) from a friend. (cheap)

For SEO,(Google) what do you think the affects would be if I used one phone # at 2 different sites?

Your opinions matter as I am in the process of making these decisions quickly.


P.S. Title says "Multi-Sites" because it's quite conceivable I could have 3 domains each expressing the individual service.
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    I have extensive experience with this.

    2 services, 2 sites, 2 phone numbers!

    It's all about the NAP (name, address, phone number) -

    You will just mess up the SEO, with 1 number on 2 sites - It makes it , in my opinion, a lot harder, especially with real offline businesses.

    Good luck with your situation.
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      I had typed a lengthy, but lost it all. I'll simply say "Thanks, I agree!"


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        Haven't had any problems with it myself. I have more than 20 ecommerce stores on different domains though all have the same phone number, email address, and mailing address. No seo issues.

        Owner of & 20+ Niche Online Stores as well as and other sites. Recommended Host: Evolve

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    4 websites, same keywords, same phone and address, all in top 5 on Google's first page and moving up!

    We offer mobile optimized websites at

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      Originally Posted by DexterGallagher View Post

      4 websites, same keywords, same phone and address, all in top 5 on Google's first page and moving up!
      Thats awesome! Great work on your success! Very insightful information, too.
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