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Aside from the obvious not-clicking-your-own-ads, what other things do most people get banned for using Adsense? I put my contact e-mail into a privacy policy I post on each of my AdSense sites, but is there anything else I need to add or watch out for to adhere to AdSense's TOS?

I read the TOS top to bottom, but parts are so vague and questionable I'd still like to get an idea of what things some people get banned for to completely avoid them. I remember someone posting a thread a month or so back saying they got banned for using exclamation points? Huh?

Thanks in advance,

Jake Daly
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  • Hi Jake,

    Banned for using exclamation points? You're disbelief is well placed.

    Lesson 1, don't believe everything you read. Either this guy is confusing things, confusing programs, or simply has no idea what he did wrong.

    Lesson 2, be very wary of advice posted here or anywhere else. You're smart to read the TOS. It's amazing how many people don't read the TOS of programs they use, even some who base their livelihood on them. And I routinely come across people posting opinions or hearsay as declarations of fact.

    Lesson 3, while some of the Adsense TOS is rather vague, most of the "gotchas" are pretty clear. It may help to re-read the TOS more than once, and probably in pieces.

    Lesson 4, go to the source. Click the 'Help' link in your Adsense account and spend some time going through the topics, particularly the Adsense blog and forum.

    Lesson 5, use your head and common sense. If you aren't sure about something, play it safe until you get a definitive and factual answer.

    Hope that helps, and good luck!

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    Read the thread.
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      Thanks Mark, your original '$100 a Day Thread' is the main reason I decided to focus on building my own AdSense empire in the first place. Thanks for all of your advice within and outside of that thread.

      Best Regards,

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        If your really worried about getting you adsense banned don't outsource your link building. Just do it yourself, you wouldn't want to be affiliated with link networks that are reported as being paid links.
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          Great tip I never thought of, thank you.
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    one simple advice is checking your adsense statistics everyday, there were cases peoples get banned due to malicious clicking by someone out there, maybe hundreds times, so if you find out this quick, report immediately to google and take out your adsense ad immediately, otherwise just like those innocent peoples only knowing they got banned days after the incident.
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    Don't put any content whatsoever in your website about Pay To Click/Paid To Click.

    You will get banned immediately.
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      Thanks for sharing all the good tips on how not to get your Google Adsense banned. It will be a shame to get banned for the simplest reason of not having a privacy policy, malicious clicking by others etc. I guess we should do everything possible to detect them before it's too late.
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    is it necessary for me to include my email in private policy statement? thanks guys
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      Originally Posted by younghamir View Post

      is it necessary for me to include my email in private policy statement? thanks guys
      Yeah, according to the TOS it is. It hasn't been enforced quite yet but there's no reason not to add it immeditaly.
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