NAP citations when two business are at same location. Please Help.

by Murkr
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Okay, so im starting my own business and a roofing company i know said i can use their location as an office because it has a spare office.

However, the roofing company already has NAP citations at that current address. I dont want to start adding my NAP citations using the same location in fear of damaging our local SEO.

My thought is to go to the post office and get a Suite so that hopefully google sees it as a different location.

Would I also need to get the roofing company a Suite? or can i just get the suite only?

my company name
123 address st.
Suite A
tampa FL 34606


roofing company
123 address st.
tampa FL 34606

is this possible to do? and in best local SEO practice?
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    There are thousands of office buildings that host 10+ businesses at the same address.

    It's not a problem.
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    I would worry more about how you classify your listings

    Too many faulty classifications might get you penalized
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    It's fine.
    Your company name and other company names within the same building are different anyway.

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      Are you people for real?

      What happened to a business plan?

      What happened to actually getting your own office?

      Is your business for real?

      Apparently not.

      With all due respect to the people above,
      if I had need of"business" you
      offered, I'd wonder why I'm being directed to
      a roofing company.

      There's a big difference between having a suite/office
      in Trump Tower (or other) and an empty room at
      a roofing company.

      Why not just use your mom's basement for something
      other than xbox, smoking pot, and sleeping?


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    wtf Paul.. lol. I'm a recent college grad trying to start a digital marketing agency. I'm trying to get clients so I can make money in order to get my own office.

    I think this setup is far better than using my parents house as a location..

    The building we are in has like 8 offices, with somewhat of a lobby. I think its a pretty sweet setup for a beginner.

    I'm trying to make my NAP consistent so that when you look me up, you DO NOT see a roofing company pop up. That's the point of this thread. I will be meeting clients at their businesses so there will be no need for them to walk in my door and ask for me.

    For the respondents above thank you very much. I think i will still get a Suite as added SEO security.
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