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I am doing some keyword research on the google keyword planner, using this as an example: city keyword.
I am finding that the monthly search averages to be fairly low, between 50 to 100 ave, for a city that has about 500,000.

Is this considered normal for local seo?
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    Depends on the market / keyword itself.
    Not many people will search for "keyword research agency *CITY*" :p
    But those 50-100 that do, are most likely going to buy from you. That means 50-100 sales each month...
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    Yes, that sounds about normal. Best keyword tool for local in my opinion is simply typing in Google's search box and letting the autocomplete make suggestions for you.

    For example, if you are promoting a dentist in Seattle, start typing "seattle dentist" but don't hit search and it will give recommendations. You can then get more by adding an a, b, c, etc to the end. For example, "seattle dentist a" suggests "seattle affordable dentist". Then switch it up and type "dentist in/near seattle". I find that the suggested keywords tend to be the ones people are actually searching for.
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