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I am new to the forum, but have been a loyal reader for a long time, and know how great the capabilites of this forum are - and the people on it. I have a couple of dilemmas regarding SEO on a website, which I would like to debate, and whats better than doing it here, where the vast majority can benefit from it

Dilemma 1:
For a multilingual site, which constellation would you prefer:
Constellation 1: (Main page) (Main page translated to spanish) (Main page translated to italian)


Constellation 2:

I would expect the first to be best, as they have their respective domains, and will probably bring more linkjuice? But it will be a much harder work in terms of linkbuilding, to bring each website on the top of SERPs.

Dilemma 2:
The website sells big industrial machines (I can send you link in PB if you are interested).

Currently all machines are displayed on one page. Wouldn't it be better in terms of SEO, to create single pages for each machine? My wish is to rank higher on the exact keyword of the name of the machine.

My current thoughts are to keep the page, with all the machines listed in one place, as it gives a good overview for the customer. In this overview, there are small details about the machine. Perhaps it would be beneficial, to create a link for that exact machine, which they can press, to read even more about the machine. I can visualise it with a link:

Currently: (all products are shown here, with small descriptions)
My wish:

In order to rank on the keywords "industry-machine-1" and "industry-machine-2"

But im currently not aware, if its worth all the work.

Anyone out there, who have experience with this?

Best regards,
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