Looking For A Good LinkWheel Software, Any Recommendations?

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I am looking at purchasing a sofware to automate building LinkWheel. What are the software currently available? Any recommendation... from anyone? Thanks!
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    The most famous one is SENuke and there is also a WSO that is link wheel software and it is a one time payment.

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      Hi John

      Thanks for the info. Went over to SE Nuke site and it seems like the software is really powerful and good EXCEPT for the steep recurring monthly fees.

      The linkwheel software over at WSO may not have that many features as SE Nuke BUT is capable of building LinkWheel. Moreover it is only a one-time payment.

      Have you tried any of these software?

      Appreciate feedback from anyone who have used them?

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    I just use Automated Content & Bookmark Distribution | OnlyWire and article marketing ... works like a dream
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      Originally Posted by SEO View Post

      What's the link for the linkwheel WSO?
      Here you go, below is the link to LinkWheel WSO;


      Have make less than 15 posts, cannot post with active links. Just change (dot) to .
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    (I am posting this question here for the thread [www(dot)warriorforum(dot)com/warrior-special-offers-forum/105716-linkwheel-software-now-ability-post-spin-articles-updated-18aug(dot)html] because I could't post a reply there. I have less than 30 posts. Could someone be kind enough to post this reply there. I need a reply from Ankur. Thanks!)

    Hi Ankur

    I came to this thread because I wanted to find a software to build LinkWheel. I went thru the whole thread and it seems this is the kind of software I am looking for. I have some questions to ask before I decide which to purchase - Se Nuke, others.

    - are you still offering the special pricing initially quoted?
    - seems like some users are still having problems with the latest version, any more updates available soon? When?
    - what are the other features you intend to include?

    Any feedback from those who have used it so far?

    I fully agreed with SPARK that more Web 2.O with "dofollow" tags should be included for building more LinkWheel sites.

    Looking forward for users feedback and reply from Ankur.

    Many thanks! :-)
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    Ankur has been quiet lately. Any news? I am still waiting for my Linkwheel software. Paid 4 days ago. I can't find him on Skype either. I also sent emails to his yahoo and gmail accounts. Anyone who has heard from Ankur please advise me how to reach him.
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    I have been a subscriber of SENuke since it was offered. While the monthly subscription may not sit well with some, I have had a very good experience with it. The developers have consistently upgraded the software and are very responsive. The forum is very active, and the members contribute quite a bit.

    SENuke implements linkwheels in articles you develop. They also released a feature where a network of pre-architected linkwheels can be used to link to a page of your choosing. The jury is out as to whether or not this latest feature will be abused. However, thus far it really rocks.

    There is also someone offering a service for linkwheel construction:


    I cannot offer any critique on the provider of the services (nice graphic of a linkwheel, however).

    One of the best features of the software is the ability to automatically spin versions of an article to multiple sites using the Content Boss service (separate subscription). If you are taking action and leveraging the software it should be relatively simplet to recoup the monthly subscription, and the upside is tremendous.
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    You can try my FREE LinkWheel software:

    Don't forget to send me your feedbacks
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      I bought Ross Goldbergs and Ankurs Linkwheel software and am totally not happy with it...it is so buggy and support is non existent, so I would not recommend getting that program.

      Update on 4/19/2012 12:36 PM - i was reminded of this past post and want to add that Ross Goldberg did step up provided an alternative solution that he developed himself and i am happy with it. Real class act Ross!
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