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I am very worried about my website's traffic. My niche website is not getting visitor. please suggest me what i have to do. my website is vacuumsealerlab.com . TIA
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    Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
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    You could use about 100 external links.
    About the same number of inbound text links.
    Mata description could be 20 characters.
    Most of your on-page seo is good.
    Work on Off-Page SEO.
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    The site is a useless poorly written piece of junk of no value to anyone. No searcher would be happy with the site in their search results, so the search engines respond accordingly.
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      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      The site is a useless poorly written piece of junk of no value to anyone. No searcher would be happy with the site in their search results, so the search engines respond accordingly.
      That's true enough. It certainly needs value.

      I just checked. All the competition sucks so you have a shot.
      An easy way to get more traffic is to move to
      a fast server. Find the fastest server on the market.
      What I noticed was a lot of the competition was
      dead slow. Look for response time well under 2 seconds.
      And get lots more content.
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    Change layout & content of your website. Resubmit it to Google for consideration. Update sitemap & Meta tags.
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    Your site looks very normal. change a theme which should be looks attractive to the users. Write some informative posters on a daily basis. Build more backlinks from the high authority blogs.

    Ads and social shares also help you to gain the traffic. Also, you should be patient some time to get the expected traffic to your blog.
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    - First of your website rank should be top ..
    - Second point is that your website content should be well written If visitors will come to read about you offering services.
    - Third Point is that Share Content of website to high PR with traffic domain.
    Follow this is Magic Points .... Best of Luck ...
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    Your website is quite new to get visitors on its own.

    Firstly, you should plan a content strategy to update your website on regular basis.
    Secondly, Promote it - build links around it, leave blog comments on relevant blogs with your posts' links. share on social media and other top social communities such as stumbleupon, reddit etc.
    Look for questions where people are looking for information that your posts can provide and refer them to your post by leaving a link while answering.
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    You can try this:

    Forum posts: But forums will only work if your forum posts are intelligent, thoughtful and useful and the forum platform where you're posting is frequented by your target audience. Same with answering questions like Quora, Inbound, Growthgackers etc.

    Content marketing: For this you need strong content that is related to your business and It requires excellent quality content exceptionally useful, original, well-written or produced. You post your content on reputable websites that are frequented by your target audience and lots of social media support.

    OpenXcell is rated as top Mobile App Development Company | iPhone App Development Company in India and USA.

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    I can't see anything wrong, the site is well structured, it's easy to read and quite informative. The only problem is that there are some sites similar to yours well positioned in Google, which usually is the main source of visitors. Perhaps you could add something that others doesn't have, or promote it a lot in social networks. However, good luck with it!
    Wothy - The easiest way to find a job
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    Competitor Analysis. I have checked the site. You can actually improve on your layout. You could also check some other sites similar to yours especially those who are on top. Get inspiration from experts and you can be more creative in your content strategy.
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    You should do Onpage and Offpage SEO to your website.

    You should use

    H1,H2,H3 Keywords in your website,
    Alt tags to your image

    and get backlinks to your website mainly .edu backlinks.

    So that google will recognize your website. also use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to get free traffic to your website. also you will get back links from them.

    Posting comments on niche based website also brings you quality traffic.

    I am doing the same for my website Dog Obedience Training | Bath Dogs Home
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    I think you need to focus on more keywords rather than targeting only one keywords as Vaccum Sealer Review.... there are many possible keywords which people will use the same list you can get it more easier way is by searching for your targeted keywords and then at the bottom see the list suggested by google. If wanna go in-depth then try google adword keyword planner
    SEO Company in Mumbai. A Result oriented seo service company based in Mumbai, India. Also visit for more seo tips & tricks.
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