Struggling with blog traffic.Please Help

by knn125
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I started a blog and want to grow its traffic and readership. I do post articles and then promote them regularly. My blog promotion includes:

Blog Directory

and other seo link building activities. But still I am not getting desired traffic. Only getting 10-20 visits daily. I am planning to monetize this blog, but less traffic is big concern for me.

How I can drive lots of blog traffic e.g. 1000-2000 visitors daily?

Please help. Share your views and experiences.
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    knn125, it depends on when you have started your blog. If you just started, do not expect great traffic because it is a process. You just can't get thousands of visitors overnight. Maybe, it has something to do with your choice of keywords. Keywords are big factors to get traffic. You could try to improve more on your articles and remember that keyword density is one percent of your article.
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    If you're just starting with your blog don't expect to get an instant traffic. It really takes a lot of time. Make sure that you are posting a good content, making a vivid description and using good and relevant keywords.
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    You need to wait some time until you will be possible to drive lots traffic to your blog. Remember one important thing , when you write a content on your blog, first of all you should write it for the readers and do not care about search engine optimization. It is necessary for you to try to update your blog with quality and unique post on a regular base and it will also help you to drive more traffic to your blog.
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    For generating traffic on a blog you must aware of the fact that it should be highly informative. An interesting blog has the power to capture the attention of people and creates a buzz among them to know what the actual meaning behind it. Make sure that your blog is containing precise info about the topic in which you have written. A well managed written blog can definitely attracts lots of visitors on it within few months only. The power of Content is huge just you have to know how to use and where to use it.
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    You need to invest some amount in the initial stage setup to build a good traffic in the near future. Also, try some techniques like,

    Off Page SEO
    On Page SEO
    Social Media Marketing

    Focusing on your contents also an important thing to drive the traffic.
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