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Hey guys!

My task is to find a way black or white, to increse this client review ratings with any method. I wanted to know more about black method. My client - Google review

My black method would be to change IP address and post a review from "different country". It can be done with IP changer programms.

Maybe some one could advice on the following:

* Is there any risk involved to do so? If yes then what penaltys or risk i could get?
* Maybe some has experiance with these kind of activitys and could share experiance?
* What would you suggest or vice versa, with this black method?
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    The first rule should be - never out your clients. That shows how disrespectful and unprofessional you are. Also, this gives way the kids to screw you up really hard in case they decide to play with some software and hammer your Google review with 1 star reviews ... just because they can.
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    Originally Posted by QuarkJacks View Post

    * Is there any risk involved to do so? If yes then what penaltys or risk i could get?
    Of course there is. If you're faking reviews you're risking getting caught.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I believe this is also outright illegal in the States. Well, deceptive marketing tends to be frowned upon in other countries too.
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  • Why don't you just contact the company's actual clients, and ask them to write an honest review. Fake reviews are not only deceptive, they will eventually be unveiled.
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    Not only you have to change the IP. you also have to change the Google account. Maybe google has some security measures against new accounts posting reviews and never using them again.

    You should offer an incentive for a review. Like 20% off next order. Or create a contest with prizes for those that leave a review.

    It's pretty easy to spot fakes.
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