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Hi everyone I'm sure this topic has been discussed at length but I can't find an answer that fits my particular situation, so here it goes...

I've been an active member of a industry related internet forum since '12 (painttalk.com) with over 5,000 post all with a do-follow signature. The website I have in my sig is for my painting contracting business that has been ranking on the first page of google for years now. I've recently become a moderator and think it would be in my best interest to remove my sig in hopes of a little more anonymity. I'm afraid to do so because everything is working so great and if there's a chance that removing the sig would make my rankings drop I would rather just leave it.

So here's my question, should I remove it or should I leave it all alone? Could removing it possibly increase my rankings?
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    As far as i know if you only have a few quality back-links, by removing the signature with 5.000 posts i think that will dramatically influence your website rankings.

    Martin Zeus

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    Since it's do follow I think it matters, assuming you other links are average in quantity and quality. But if you don't have competition you will still rank.

    I would say you should remove and keep us posted. For science. (:F
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