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I'm still very new to this. I'm building my website now.

In my industry, which is photography, there are two terms that everyone uses for what they are selling. About half of photographers call them "workshops" and half of them call them "tours".

I notice that if I type in "photo tour lofoten" and "photo workshop lofoten", although a few people remain in their same rankings on page #1, there are also several people that disappear and lose their place to someone else depending on this term.

Lofoten Islands Norway | Photo Tours Hiking Travel Guides | 68north.comlofoten-photo-tours/
Lofoten Islands, Norway: Photo workshops and tours exploring the....

Take this result for example. I notice that the web address itself, plus the page description have the word "tour" in it several times in bold.

I have two questions about this: 1. I wanted to brand my offering as "adventures" rather than the rather dry and stereotypical sounding terms of "workshop" and "tour". BUT I know people are not going to be using the word "adventure" in their search. If I want to show up in search results, does that mean I have to use the words workshop or tour as often as possible, in reference to my product? If my website where I have them for sale says instead of /lofoten-tours, is that going to hurt me?

If I am forced to use these words, how do I make sure that I show up well regardless of which term a searcher decides to choose? I want to be one of the guys that has the same place on the results, no matter if the person searches "tour" or "workshop"

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