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I am currently working part time for my client in Australia, As I mentioned on my other posts as well.

here is the website (dear admin you can remove the link after I receive my Answer): Pest Control & Termite Solutions in Gold Coast

======I have this issues:
  • My first page with keyword "pest Control" was on near 300th result on google now after a month it is moving up to 150 >> is it a sign of improvement? because I see it many times jump up and go down again & again, what could be the reason?
  • On my google webmaster tools when I go to >>> google index >>> content keyword >>> my top two keyword is Pest and termite & control is in the third position, Does this mean that I used low amount of word "control" & I need to put more in my future articles so to rank for the term pest control for the first page?
  • Some of my blog posts had two H1 tags, Now I am fixing them too, Does it really heart having two H1 tags?

======I Did the following:
Fix many H1 h2 ... Tags, Fix Duplicate content & meta tags
Writing new articles
Backlinking by guest posting
disavowed many risky backlinks
& so many other on-page & offpage optimisation
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