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Can any one say which is best Website or Blogspot ?
Which is crawling easy and get more visitors ?
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  • Blogs get crawled easily if you use platform such as WordPress or blogspot. Blogs is where you update your content regularly & its just an Information providing Content. where as website takes lot of time to develop plus you have to purchase separate domain name for it.
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    Differences between a blog and a website are highly searched in today's online arena.The main difference between a Blog and a Website is that a blog is created for websites and website is the place where blog’s are posted.
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    Why do you want visitors? It's something that should be answered before you go for something else.
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    It depends upon your purpose of creation. Both are good but blogspot seems to be indexed frequently.
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    We can create blog and website on word-press platform which is a google search engine friendly content management system .blogs are about posting new post frequently and attract visitors to comment and get millions views while website is for business promotion about its products and services with contact details
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    Blogs are updated frequently and so crawled frequently as compared to websites. Also, blogs can be ranked fast for some outstanding contents and titles. You can add more content on various topics to maintain the visitors and attract more traffics and views.
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    As per crawling based both are good, either it is website or blogpost. Google likes unique and fresh content which will help to make crawling fast. You can add blog section on your website to give fresh and unique content to website which will help to make crawling fast.
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    Blogging sites such as google blogger get index easily. If you would regularly update new and interesting content. You will definitely grab user to your site.
    The second part is, your website should also be quality as of your blogs.
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    Oh my gosh.....

    A blog is a website.

    Blogspot is owned and operated by google. It is set up exactly the way a good website should be.

    It is SEO'd right out of the box, mobile-friendly, etc.

    You can even use a custom domain.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I think both of best depend your presentation.
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    I would like to share with you a list of reasons why blogs are better than websites:
    - blogs are active and websites are passive;
    - blogs build a readership -it is easy for visitors to subscribe to a blog so they can view new posting as soon as they happen.
    blogs have newer, fresher content - by their nature, blogs have regular fresh content and they are more up to date.
    -blogs invite participation and interaction - blog's conversations are encouraged providing multiple viewpoints and discussions.
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    Blog can more easy to rank with good traffic than a site, also easy to handle.
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    Actually, a blog is a website and almost website have a place called blog. You can go to a website and write a blog on it. Blogspot is also a website platform where you can write blog on it, it's owned by Google then it usually got index faster than your own website with domain & hosting. I hope this help.
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    Originally Posted by danielfreak View Post

    Can any one say which is best Website or Blogspot ?
    Which is crawling easy and get more visitors ?
    FYI, blogspot is website too, but it is free. Blogspot is Google products, so it will be crawled faster. But to convince people, you must have domain. Blogspot is free and everyone can register without paying anything. Just check which one popular site in this world using blogspot? To be popular, we need to have website.
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    Blog and websites both are sources used to increase your business promotion. So try to maintain both for your business.
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    There are few blogging websites which are best for blog post and generate a great traffic to your website. The sites are suggested below:-
    Live Journal
    You can easily use sites to post your blog, these are best to rank in Google and generate a great traffic.

    W3Era - SEO Services Agency you Rely on

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    As I known, there are many ways to create a new website, if you don't have experience in web, you could use blogspot by goofle or wordpress
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    In past i have built both blogs and CSS websites. I got better results in SEO with my websites but i guess the way things are going these days social backlinks are better for the blogs. article spinning with several high PR lnks on the bottom end got crazy results for the websites this get you massive amounts of backlinks fast . then place high quality social links under the large layer of article backlinks
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