Best Article sites for Traffic to Submit an Article?

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Kindly let me know if anyone who have idea about a best article sites in terms of traffic?
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    I used to use Article Underground at $299.00 a year, they are fine but I am also wondering if there is better too.
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  • is really very nice and give best traffic to any website.
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      sooperarticles is great source for traffic..
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    Article directories still work today?
    I used to be a prolific author in EzineArticles. But today I don't submit articles to directories anymore. I use guest posting instead.

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      I think @ShawnLim is completely right. Now a days due to high spam score people should avoid free article sites from where they will get no authority but instead it will lead to a spam score link. Guest Posting Manually n Authority websites are the best way to get traffic these days.

      One of the most essential areas of SEO which you are going to be concentrating on would be link building. The reason behind this is mainly because search engines weigh a great deal of their decision-making in terms of the position you rank depending on precisely how many links you have pointing to your site.

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    Submitting articles to get traffic from article-websites is not a good idea these days.

    It can even get your website de-indexed if you do too much of it, and will probably decrease your traffic anyway.

    What you need to do to make really good use of articles is write VERY high quality content, and get those on the biggest blogs for your subject-area, as guest-posts (each with a single link to relevant further-info on your website).

    One single high quality guest-posting on a big website, is estimated to be worth more than 100,000 links from article-directories, in terms of SEO. And that's not even the best part of that guest-posting . . . the best part is the direct traffic you'll get, straight from that guest-posted article to your own website, which is likely to convert much better than search-engine traffic anyway.

    That's my SEO advice on using articles the right way, hope it helps

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    Trying using free article sites. Google it, you would get plenty of them with high domain authority.
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    I don't recommend article sites anymore. I don't think they really help.
    Why don't you make a blog and gather your articles on it instead.

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    These sites are the best source of traffic.
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  • Profile picture of the author himanuzo is not dead... still generating traffic. It requires all articles with good grammar and pass copyscape.
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  • These are the top article post sites :
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    You can try
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    I would also try this instant approval article directory, which also allows do-follow links:
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    Article marketing where business creates quality content and Promote that content on high authority free article Submission sites, some of them give instant approval to archive higher amount of Referral traffic. There already lots of unique visitors those can view, comment, vote your article.
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    Originally Posted by Mylesjones View Post

    Kindly let me know if anyone who have idea about a best article sites in terms of traffic?
    I find EZINEARTICLE is the best and probably most widely known article directory.

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    Resource for free press release submitting Post My Press Release | Get backlinks
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    If I were you I will guest posting instead submit articles, because guest posting is better today.
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