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Hi. Can someone recommend any automated backlink creation software?
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    I think the most popular one is called Wordpress, it's amazing, you just post content and the links are created automatically (ping-o-matic pings and the search engine bots come crawling).

    The Wordpress platform also has many plugins available to automate the creation of links based on keyword anchor text.

    Now if quality content creation were only so automatic... we would all have #1 position for every keyword... wait... how could everyone have a #1 position? Oh yeah... that's right, we cannot all be #1. Backlink automation isn't likely to help you, it's just going to cause you a bunch of grief when you get kicked out of the search index for being a spammer. Just don't do it.

    Instead, focus on creating amazingly useful content that everyone wants to link to. Then you will see your backlinks grow organically, perhaps even virally, which is even better than automatically.
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    Please do not fall into this trap. There is no such thing as an automated backlink creator that won't get your site so penalized, it will NEVER recover.

    Likewise, there has never been a link network created that wasn't eventually discovered by Google. Get involved in that, and you can kiss your website rankings goodbye forever.

    There is no way to create easy backlinks. Folks still think they are doing it by spamming forums posts and blog comments with links. Those links are not only worthless from an SEO perspective, but do it too often and - you guessed it - you'll get hammered with a penalty that you likely will never recover from.

    Anything worth having takes work and backlinks are no different. If you can place the link, yourself, it is worthless and quite possibly harmful. Create something that is so outstanding, people HAVE TO link to it. Earn the link, earn the rankings!
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    i am totally agreed with ScooterDaMan. Recently i use a service(Backlink) for my website. But that is not working.
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    I dont recommend that you use automated software. Google penalizes any link which is bot built. So better go for natural link building
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    Till now there is no software for create automated backlinks for website
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    I think many software available for backlink creator but that is not good so use only white hat or organic seo or manually submission that is good.
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    I tried in fiverr gigs ..its complete waste of money...don't try this never index using software bots .

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    Originally Posted by junaid90 View Post

    Hi. Can someone recommend any automated backlink creation software?
    There is no such thing, and please forget about it.
    If you can't stick to the rules of SEO, get out.

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    You know, its automatic back link creators that sometimes give 'automation' a bad name.

    Consider this instead: Every part of your marketing funnel can be automated. Not just link-building. If you're relying solely on link building / SEO as a tactic, you'll probably not get very far no matter how you do the link building.

    Instead, consider a more holistic approach to getting traffic. Automate the parts of it that you can automate reasonably and without much fear of reprisal. Automate finding places to post, for example, but not posting.

    With the right automation tool, you can automate more than just back-links. You can automate your entire marketing strategy. And not be terrified you'll get slapped.

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    It depends if you want your future website to be around more than a few months (tops). But yeah, don't go on the blackhat SEO road. You'll just lose a huge amount of time and probably money, all for nothing in the end, trust me, I've been there and done that.
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    Hi Guy, Please do not go this way. You should do it yourself.

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