How do i get traffic for my website?

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I have a website soon it will be launch, its a b2b marketplace portals, i want to know how to get traffic for my website.
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  • You can buy traffic (e.g. Google og Bing), or create a blog which will rank on relevant keywords in the search engines.
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    Aww, the famous first question. Did you know you can use the search feature of this forum plus Youtube and Google and you can get all the information you need right now and not have to wait for others to reply back. It's called research and its one of the most important aspects of this business. Doing your research.
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      Originally Posted by Happy Steve View Post

      Make an funny youtube video with your link.
      ... with Cats. Everybody loves cat videos.

      But seriously. You can get lots of traffic from Press Releases.

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    as I see, you can get free traffic from social network, blogspot, web 2.0, youtube, forum, don't copy content, do not let google snoops )
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    There are several ways to get traffic:

    • Buy an ad on Facebook, Google, etc.
    • Naturally engage in conversations on social media
    • Reach out to your email list
    • Do some local advertising
    • Set up a giveaway to promote your website

    Good luck!

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    To get the best results, I would go with paid traffic. There are many websites in your niche that accept marketers for a fee.

    You can use pay per click and you can look for all sorts of networks that allow marketers like yourself.

    When you test things out, continue to use the winners and get rid of the losers. You have to track everything.
    Keep Pushing And Never Give Up
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    You have to follow these paths to drive more traffic to your website.
    1. On-page SEO by using powerful keywords that rank your page.
    2. Off-page SEO to build backlink from higher authority sites.
    3. Social media marketing by sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube etc.
    4. Google Adwords PPC campaign Or Facebook Ad campaign.
    5. Engage in the forums relevant to your industry or niche for getting high authority backlinks.
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    Hay dear once you wanna get traffic to your website you have to take a dissition you wanna go with paid traffic or free traffic.

    For paid:

    * You can do PPC on facebook, bing, adword, gemini etc...
    * Also you can buy media traffic
    * Another super way is Email marketing

    For free:

    * You can take help from YouTube
    * Forum posting
    * Blog commenting
    * backlinking
    * social bookmarking etc
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    Thanks for your replies, I am using ethical techniques for website ranking and i don't like any kind of spamming, I like the suggestion to start google adword campaign and facebook ad campaign soon i will start doing it.
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  • I suggest you mix your marketing campaign with free and paid strategies. Try to also create social media profiles and use social media to increase brand awareness. Of course, focus more on content marketing as this strategy attracts quality traffic.
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    According to me you can just share post, images, interesting news and stuffs relevant to your website, product or niche.
    You can do content marketing and Forum marketing to gain the excellent traffic to your website.
    There are several social networking sites which are exploring there network fastly and also number of users is increase in this websites.
    I would just you to create the strategic way to increase the traffic to your business.

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    To get the best results,

    Make ur content Unique & Effective.
    Choose your keyword Effectively.
    Optimize your content based the keywords
    Perfectly do your on-page optimization
    Start to build high Page Rank Backinlks (Blog posting, Directory, social Bookmarking, Blog commenting, Guest Posting, Forum participation, Search Engine Submission, etc..)
    Start to share your effective content with social media sites.
    Business Directory listing will bring more visitors.
    Company Branding is very Important.

    And also try paid strategies.

    Then Monitor your Traffic visitors daily.
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    Originally Posted by JohnsonEmma View Post

    I have a website soon it will be launch, its a b2b marketplace portals, i want to know how to get traffic for my website.
    Are you providing marketing services to others? If yes, what kind?

    What is a B2B marketplace portal?

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      The concept of my b2b portal is to provide a central platform for buyers, sellers, manufacturer and supplier who wishes to buy and sell their product.
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    You can either do SEO, or buy traffic, or both.

    SEO is a great long-term investment, but can take time to test and see what the results are.

    The most important factor in SEO is content. Make sure the content is really good, and at least 500 words on every page.

    The easiest way to do effective On-page-SEO is to use WordPress for your website. Then make sure you've got a Reponsive Theme (so that the site can be used on any screen-size), or responsive plugin, then add other Plugins for SEO (there are lots of choices . . . one starting point is the All-in-one-SEO Plugin).

    A blog on the website is a great way to improve SEO, as a continual stream of new, high quality content, is what your visitors (and the search engines) will appreciate.

    That's a few starting-places . . . SEO is a big subject, so lots to learn, but just make a start and keep learning and improving

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    This is quite a broad question. There is plenty of info on the topic already. But basically, it depends how serious you are about your idea.

    If you are willing to spend time on it (not necessarily money) then SEO is great for giving you good ROI. Start a blog and do proper keyword research. An active social media presence is good too.

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    There are numerous off-page SEO techniques that help to increase the visitor on your website.

    - Content quality always good and post long content. Using good images, video, infographics in the content post.
    - Find some guest post sites that relevant according to your site category & try to publish your content on these sites.
    - Blog commenting also play a major role so work on it. Added comments on the relevant posts.
    - Create social profiles & spend time on social sites. Share your post, images on your profile. Join groups, communities, and interact with other users.
    - Work on discussion & forum sites. It helps to make a connection with other users.
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    You should promote it BIG TIME. On every social media, facebook, twitter, everywere. Also, you can pay Google to rank it better, to put it on the first page, that will help you a lot!
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    I was surprised to find that some B2B keyphrases cost over $300 on AdWords.

    For example "phone and internet providers for small business" has a suggested bid of $319.38 at the time I looked at it. Obviously these change from second to second, but feel free to check for yourself.

    This is why I recommend pay-per-lead. Most successful businesses using AdWords will try to get sign-ups to their mailing-list from the AdWords traffic, because a good mailing-list will considerably increase conversion.

    This is why I recommend pay-per-lead, because for a search-term like the one above, and even for "business to business" which is $3.93 currently, pay-per-lead will get you a genuine mailing-list opt-in, for less money than a single click-through using AdWords. And with more precise targeting too.

    So that would be my personal recommendation.

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    How much I know about getting immense traffic on a website is that a website must contain attractive images and engaging content. The best part of blocking visitors on a website is that, deliver them what they are searching at their fingertips. Provide them ease in getting the info regarding their search from your website.
    Most importantly, your marketing techniques should be unique and it must be informative so that your viewers can get to know what you are dealing with and what is the quality of your product. Social media sites are very helpful for promoting a website worldwide whereas SEO is being done for spreading the awareness of an online business worldwide. Both are effective & both can provide you what you are looking for.
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    There are many way to get traffic. But the best way to get free and unique traffic from Google search engine.
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    Truth must be told, in your case i recommend paid traffic like everyone suggest.

    A bit of video and social media marketing will boost your publicity too..
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    Create blog section in your website and update the content continuously, at the same time just do content marketing in different website. content should be in unique and attractive.
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    Follow what is trending right now, and that is having a video that is really interesting and eyeball catching,something that is really worth the time
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    Originally Posted by JohnsonEmma View Post

    I have a website soon it will be launch, its a b2b marketplace portals, i want to know how to get traffic for my website.

    You have a B2B site and don't know your own business.

    Makes sense.
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    Get Social
    Mix It Up
    Write Irresistible Headlines
    Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
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    buy traffic is the solution. dont waste ur time with seo unless u hv the time n cash toinvest there

    Waktunya belajar trading investing fokus hasil :
    saham amerika

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    Originally Posted by JohnsonEmma View Post

    I have a website soon it will be launch, its a b2b marketplace portals, i want to know how to get traffic for my website.
    There are many ways to get traffic, both free and paid for. If you want the best free traffic, make a short video of your site and post it on youtube. Don't forget to put your link in the description box.

    If you want traffic in a hurry, go to udimidotcom and buy a solo ad.

    [Smash The Competition With This.
    Video Here

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    A lot of us know that SEO can be a brilliant way to generate traffic for a website.

    However, for some of us, SEO might be our only means of traffic.
    You don’t have to know a lot about online marketing to generate traffic or sales. Simple things like adjusting the keywords within your content or tweaking the titles of your blog posts can increase your traffic.
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    Originally Posted by JohnsonEmma View Post

    I have a website soon it will be launch, its a b2b marketplace portals, i want to know how to get traffic for my website.
    I see that you have many ways to get traffic for your website, both for free methods and paid methods

    For free methods: you can do Social media marketing, social bookmarking, forum posting, SEO, link building,..

    For paid methods: you can do GG adwords, GDN, solo ads, Facebook ads, twitter ads,...

    However you should combine both free and paid methods to optimize and get the best results.
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