New Domain Name, Redirect 301 to Keep "Link Juice?"

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So I recently got a new domain name, with the intent of transferring my old content over... obviously I want to keep the credit for the link juice I've built up over time to all of my pages. I've read that an .htaccess 301 redirect is the best way to do this, true?

Basically I have - Web Resources and Information.This website is for sale! and, and I want to keep both of them. on my old url i will be building a new site, with different content and different file names. i want all the old stuff transferred over to new url.

Just wanted to confirm that 301 redirects for each individual page is the best way to accomplish this (I'll be doing this for everything but my index page) before I go ahead and delete all of the old files on the

thanks for any help!
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