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Can anyone take a look at my site and make some recommendations on
optimizing it for better search Engine rankings?

Thank You All

It is a website designed around my Wedding Officiant business where I am able
to marry couples for affordable prices in South Florida.

South Florida Wedding Officiant
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    How big is the market for this?

    I don't see a blog on your site. What keywords are you targeting?
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      How big is the market for this?

      I don't see a blog on your site. What keywords are you targeting?
      Attractive blog posts always attracts the visitors but your site don't have that.
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    good effort as a start,layout design is ok. You need a lot more content though and dont forget if you want to rank for keywords you need about $1500 link budget as a minimum or you wont get anywhere
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    Hi Wendy

    I had a look at your site and to be totally honest with you you need a complete makeover.

    Here's some helpful tips to think about when you get to work on improving your site.

    1. Get a nice professional logo. First impressions are everything it sets the tone immediately.

    2. Have your phone number right at the top where it can be seen an clicked.

    3. Have a contact ( lead Gen Form) above the fold to.

    4. Where are the beautiful images of wedding ceremonies? You need to paint pictures and create a vision in your potential clients mind.

    You won't get very far without having beautiful images. A picture speaks a thousand words!

    5. Telling a story about yourself on the homepage will have no effect on people! Always remember every piece of text on your page has to be beneficial for the reader. (there is nothing in it for them at this point)

    6. You don't have a way to get paid ! You need to integrate a payment system like PayPal.

    7. You don't have a free gift to offer for lead generation.

    You could create a short pdf specifically designed and targeted for marriages in your area. E.g. 7 South Florida Wedding Mistakes To Avoid That Will Make your Wedding Day Unforgettable. (or something similar)

    8. A friendly theme, there's probably some great wedding themes you can buy and tweak to perfection.


    Find your top 10 competitors in your area and study what they are offering and how they present themselves to potential clients.

    Go through the checklist above with each site and see how many of the points I have made they incorporate into their business.

    Do they have testimonials, videos, reviews? What size images are they using, what benefits stand out to you, what does the pricing structure look like, what freebies do they offer, what questions do they answer?

    Once you do this exercise you will put yourself in a much stronger position to be able to know what should be on your site and how your site should look and feel.

    You can do this Wendy, it just takes time to get used to going through the motions.
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    I would suggest breaking up the text on your home page a bit - the main paragraph in particular. A slightly bigger font might be nice as well. Definitely a few more images, and maybe a small number of testimonials if you have some available.
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    Another positive SEO signal - you could reduce the file size of your on-site images to increase page loading speeds.

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    could use a bit more content tbh... great SEO relies on great KW in great content...
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    Thanks again everyone.
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    A regular update of contents on your blog will help your site's growth and if you wish to get the good ranking then build some quality backlinks on your website which are relevant to your niche. Also, the diversified links will give you the better ranking improvement so keep building the quality links in Do-follow and make your site with the good mix up of No-follow links too such as using the social signals... etc.
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