Link Building Tactics - The Complete List from Jon Cooper (Point Blank SEO)

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Jon Cooper’s Point Blank SEO website is a mecca for marketers looking to create extraordinary links for websites. Jon’s spent the last 5 years helping businesses build quality links and he hires out his services and creates innovate link building courses that get results.

Point Blank SEO is Jon’s way of sharing some of his hard earned knowledge with the online world. With over 10 expert link builders on his team working with businesses across the USA, UK and Australia, Jon knows a thing or two about link building and shares his knowledge to provide digital marketers with some of the latest tools that are being used in the biz.

If you’ve ineffectively scoured the web to find some of the latest and greatest tactics for link building, Jon has conveniently collated them in his complete list for the budding SEO expert or website developer to view. Here is a great article you might want to have a read through if you are looking to improve your link building tactics

While the information is extensive a small snapshot of some of Jon’s tactics include:
  • Create 100% relevant resources or links pages - focus on relevance above all else and ensure you have quality links and are targeting opportunities.
  • Research your competitors - taking the time to look at what your closest competitors are doing provides a tonne of information about what they are doing link-wise. While you may not be able to get all information, some information will be invaluable for your backlink building.
  • Create plenty of profile links - when you become a member of a site, you get a link in your profile. Join as many niche relevant profile sites as you can and build you link via this mechanism.
  • Make it easy to be linked - if you’re keen to get people to link to you, make it easy for them with pre-made HTML snippets which can be easily copied and pasted.
  • Link out to other people - this is a great way to return the favour of someone who has linked to you. While it’s not suggested in some super competitive industries, it is considered good manners in SEO link building circles.
  • Interlink across your website - interlinking involved setting up internal links on your website which bounce visitors throughout your site. Website owners should link new content to certain topics that are already on the site and weave the links together where possible.
  • Create an RSS feed - this is not as old school as you might think, RSS feeds are a great way to create back links. There are RSS feed plugins for Wordpress that add links to your blog after every post that are super simple to use.
  • Create and use a blog - this is a perfectly easy option and will help to create fresh content on a regular basis which you can link.

If you’re interested in viewing the entire list which are broken down based on the time you have available to executive, dependency on other sources and link value.

Click here to view the entire article - Link Building Tactics (Complete List) - Point Blank SEO

I'm new to Warrior Forum and I’d love to hear about your link building strategies and which ones have worked for you.
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    Thank you for this big list TeaCozy for linkbuilding I've bookmarked it.
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      Originally Posted by chawki View Post

      Thank you for this big list TeaCozy for linkbuilding I've bookmarked it.
      Thanks, it's a great article and well worth the read
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    Nice.. i think we need to increase more back links to website, but i want know whether the onpage is important or offpage. which is the best practice to get good result.
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    I realized that on page seo is for short time and off page seo for longer time, so link building tactics very usefull for off page seo. and it will help to bring more traffic and money. although it is very hard work and need time for link building but it help at lest.
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    Lol, profile links. Fail.
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